With this latest release, SWEET SOUL RECORDS again demonstrates our total commitment to bringing soul music listeners good quality music. Closely following our iTunes chart topping compilation “DANCE, SOUL LIGHTS,” which is comprised of 70’s, 80’s & 90’s dance tracks performed by talented Japanese artists, we are set to release our newest compilation “WORLD SOUL COLLECTIVE VOL.1.” which will also be available on iTunes shortly.

Since the release of our “SOUL OVER THE RACE” series, which have gone on to achieve both domestic and international popularity, we have been fortunate enough to garner attention from some very talented artists from numerous different countries. Having the opportunity to release top independent soul artists here in Japan, we were able to select and compile some of the best independent soul music on offer today and include that music on “WORLD SOUL COLLECTIVE VOL.1.

This compilation covers a range of musical styles like soul, neo-soul, jazzy soul, R&B, and funk, with all songs easily fitting into the “organic music” description.

Also included on this release is the track “Make the Change,” the first original music recorded by SWEET SOUL RECORDS and sung by Nao Yoshioka, the very talented Japanese soul singer who placed second at the Apollo Amateur Night competition in May 2011.

Nao joins a number of talented independent soul artists and musicians from the US, Mexico, The Netherlands, France, Spain, Germany, Australia, and New Zealand.

Using our “soul over the race” concept we want to unite soul music artists and listeners from all regions of the world, and create a soulful world where talent is recognized and awarded across all borders. It all begins by spreading real music.

Nik West - Just in The Nik of Time Jeremy James - For You ORLY - Distraction Mr. President - Number One
Nik West (US)
Soul, Funk, R&B
Jeremy James (US)
Soul, R&B
Neo-soul, Jazzy Soul, Soul
Mr. President (FR)
Soul, Funk
Ntjam Rosie - Elle VenueConnection - Fire It Up! Amber Ojeda - Here I Am Paris Toon and Mothers Favorite Child feat. Ti-et & Morris - Until Now
Ntjam Rosie (NL)
Soul, Jazz Vocal
VenueConnection (ES)
Soul, Jazz, Funk
Amber Ojeda (US)
Jazz, Soul, R&B
Paris Toon and Mothers Favorite Child feat. Ti-et & Morris (US)
Jazz, Soul, R&B
Weeland & The Urban Soul Collective - The Golden Sessions Sacha Vee - Sacha Vee Solburst - Natural High Innosphere - Shine
Weeland & The Urban Soul Collective (DE)
European Urban Soul, R&B
Sacha Vee (NZ)
Soul, Jazz
Solburst (MX)
Soul, Neo-soul, Hip Hop
Innosphere (US)
Neo-soul, R&B
Song - Let Love Shine Hawa - My Little Green Box Dilouya - Dilouya's Faithful Circus Shirma Rouse - Chocolate Coated Dreams
Song (Tassel&Naturel) (US/FR)
Nu Jazz, Neo Soul
Soul, Funk
Dilouya (FR)
Soul, Neo-soul
Shirma Rouse (NL)
Soul, Funk, Jazz
Nao Yoshioka - Make the Change
Nao Yoshioka (JP)
Neo-soul, Soul

Track List & Artist Name
01. Who’s In the Mirror – Nik West (Just In The Nik Of Time)
02. Imagine – Jeremy James (For You)
03. This Time – ORLY (Distraction)
04. The Best Is Yet to Come – Mr President (Number One)
05. Morning Glow – Ntjam Rosie (Elle)
06. So Divine – VenueConnection (Fire It Up!)
07. Don‘t Rush – Amber Ojeda (Here I Am)
08. Until Now – Paris Toon and Mothers Favorite Child feat. Ti-et & Morris (Until Now)
09. 2 Of a Kind – Weeland and The Urban Soul Collective (The Golden Sessions)
10. Trouble – Sacha Vee (Sacha Vee)
11. Natural High – Solburst (Natural High)
12. Gotta Be Me – Innosphere (Shine)
13. Food For Thought (ft. Guru) – Song (Let Love Shine)
14. Trickery Shit – HAWA (My Little Green Box)
15. Over the Sun (feat. Omar) – Dilouya (Dilouya’s Faithful Circus)
16. Take Me As I Am – Shirma Rouse (Chocolate Coated Dreams)
17. Make the Change – Nao Yoshioka (Make the Change)