SWEET SOUL RECORDS continues to Spread Real Music with the release of “LOVE, SOUL LIGHTS,” sweet soul music with a love message. “LOVE, SOUL LIGHTS” is a CD packaged in a way that allows listeners to convey their truest feelings through the gift of soul music and handwritten messages!

This new compilation, “LOVE, SOUL LIGHTS,” which is closely related to the popular “SOUL OVER THE RACE” series also released by SWEET SOUL RECORDS, is an organic, high quality production that fuses a healthy dose of soul, jazz, and R&B.

We’ve carefully matched selected singers and musicians, some of whom have also been featured in the “SOUL OVER THE RACE” series and have participated actively in the soul music movement internationally, to each love-filled track to reproduce the classic love songs in superfine quality.

Kaori Sawada, a gifted singer and songwriter, sings Patti Labelle’s “Love, Need and Want You,” which was sampled by Nelly on his 2002 hit, “Dilemma,” and featured Kelley Roland. Patti Austin’s “Say You Love Me” gets the royal treatment from Aloha Ichimura who received international recognition for her rendition of J.R. Bailey’s gorgeous “Love Love Love” on SOUL OVER THE RACE VOL.1.

Other tracks include Al Wilson’s “Show and Tell,” Debarge’s “I Like It,” and Debra Laws’ “Very Special.”
Besides great soul music, what really makes this CD special is the included message card. After purchase, messages can be handwritten on the card, then the disc, jacket, and card set can be resealed and given to your loved one.

With this CD you can confess your love, or show gratitude to a loved one with the gift of sweet soul music and a message.

Take a minute to hear the music, write your thoughts, and give the gift of music on special days like birthdays or Valentines Day.


01. Love, Need and Want You (Patti Labelle)
02. Say You Love Me (Patti Austin)
03. Show and Tell (Al Wilson)
04. I Like It (Debarge)
05. Very Special (Debra Laws)

01: Kaori Sawada, 02: Aloha Ichimura, 03: Takeo Sekiguchi,
04: Hiroshi Yoshida, 05: Kaori Sawada & Hiroshi Yoshida

“LOVE, SOUL LIGHTS” was released on Jan. 18, 2012 and is available on the SWEET SOUL SHOP website (Japanese) or on the SWEET SOUL RECORDS website (English)