Solburst, the stylish neo-soul duo based in Mexico City, Mexico, are vocalist/guitarist Alexandra Blakely (American) and musician/producer Vera Solari (Chile). The two met on a road trip to Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca back in 2009 and little did they know that one year later they would be working so closely on a project with a mix of guero-soul (guero meaning “white” in Spanish) and a sweeter side of hip hop. Solburst is spreading fast with Solari’s deep bass grooves and Blakely’s smokey vocals and conscience lyrics. As a genre not often heard in Mexico, the music has a touch of neo soul, rhythm & blues and hiphop inspired by artists like Erykah Badu, Jill Scott and the Brand New Heavies.

“For those still unfamiliar with Mexico’s hottest new export, you’re in for a real Soul treat! Newcomers Solburst just released their stunning new single and title track “Natural High” setting their stall out nicely for the long anticipated debut album due Aug 2011. Solburst are a real breath of fresh air making “Natural High” an essential buy! Already getting heavy support and airplay on Manchester UK’s ALL 96.9FM this quality Soul group is one you really need to get to know!”
Chris Crates – Radio Meltdown 96.9 FM Manchester, England

Blakely’s lyrics have a lot to do with personal relationships, but more importantly, the songs that matter to her the most are “Children of the World,” “It Just Takes One,” and “Better (Love Can Do It).” These songs are about what she likes to say, “Music for a higher conscience of love, our planet and equality.”

The album, “Natural High” has been getting a lot of attention in Mexico and in other countries like Spain, the UK and soon to be Japan. Solburst has jammed with the likes of Ethan Farmer, Hadrien Feraud, Donald Barrett, Leonel Garcia and John Blackwell.

“Natural High” can now be reserved at the Sweet Soul Shop: Solburst – Natural High