(Rayn – Live Video)

Rayn’s debut album “A Creation From The Soul” was released on August 22, 2012 Japan-wide. Get to know more about this talented young man from the The Netherlands and what inspires him to create his special soul music.


Q1. Can you introduce yourself and your music to the fans here in Japan and the world, including a brief overview of your career so far?
My name is Rayn Bechoe, I’m 28 years young and living in the Netherlands. I make Soul music because of the touch it gives me in my soul when I listen to it. I have played in several cover bands and always sing Soul repertoire in those bands. I still do this till today.
My first solo album will be released the 22th of August by Sweet Soul Records. Next to my solo projects I write and record for other artist’s and mostly play live with my own band or freelance with other bands in the Netherlands.
My music is a mix of soulful, funky, and bluesy songs that we used to listen to in the old days.

Q2. How and when did you know you wanted to record soul music?
It was some years ago. I think I just became 20 years old and really was searching for the right music that fits my voice. It was very difficult at first but it was under my nose all the time. My parents are from South America the country called Surinam and I used to sing songs from my culture but I’ve grown up with all kinds of music from Caribbean to Rock, Pop and Soul.
I always listened to the old sounds of Motown and other Soul artists. I think I just saw the light when I started singing soul music for fun. After singing people always told me my voice was so soulful. In my mind I started to think I found my sound and kept it this way from that day.
It really fits well with me as a person too cause of the combination of song writing and musically. In soul music these are two puzzle pieces fitting together perfectly. When I started playing the piano I wrote some poetry like things on paper and sing them. That’s where I started to do song writing. I had been through so much in my life and knew that when I put it on paper it cleared my mind.
I always thought soul music was so real and I could always step into a song and go trough whatever the song was about and really feel it. That’s when I started to write and record soul music.

Q3. Can you explain to me in detail how your songwriting is done? For example, is it made during sessions with the band?
It mostly begins with a subject and a melody that is spinning in my head. This melody comes from listening to music or to all the inspirational jam sessions I go to when I’m free of gigging myself. The subject could be anything I’ve been through in my life. I never did songwriting with a band as far as I know. But I have played and still play with some musicians that really inspire me and let the magic happen by itself.
I take all the inspiration with me in my home studio where I do all the ruff sketches of my songs and just check if the melody supposed to be a sad song or a very lovely song. Some times I only write 2 sentences and I don’t have inspiration anymore. But most of the time I start writing a chorus that I finish with everything musically in it. That’s where I can hear if there is potential in the song. If there is potential in the song then it won’t take very long to have a demo ready to be heard by family, friends and other musicians. When the song is almost finished I’ll do some re-writing if necessary for the finishing touch. I wrote almost 50 songs for my album “A Creation From The Soul.”

Q4. Can you tell us a bit about the city you are currently living and the influence it has on your music style if any?
I live in a big city called Utrecht. It’s in the center of the Netherlands. I’ve been born and raised in this city. The only influence this city has on my music is my family and musical friends that live here. There is not so much to do for soul music in the Netherlands. There are soul artists that are so amazing but they won’t get lifted from the ground because there is no marketing for their music. I’ve experienced that same problem.

Q5. On your website, I read that you were influenced by Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Donnie Hathaway, and Marvin Gaye. Can you tell me how you are personally influenced by these artists, and is there any part of this album which is influenced by one of these artists?
Well these artists have influenced the album a lot. I think I just believe they knew real music and that’s why I try to keep the soul alive. But mostly Michael Jacksons “Off the Wall” did much to me on this album. The artist himself and the songs did so much to me since I was little that I had to make songs that were influenced by him. The other artists gave me enough inspiration to write and make the songs soulful. I’ve grown up with their music so I didn’t have to look far to be inspired. If you listen closely I think you will figure out where the influences have been used… hahahahaa

Q6. How do you describe your music to people?
I can describe my album as 10 soul/funky/blues songs that will make your feet move and take you back in time to the good old days for some old school Soul. It’s where the music meets the composer. The proof that ‘Soul’ also beats in the hearts of the young generation. Soul gripping new music with and old sound.

Q7. Tell us about your album, “A Creation From The Soul,” the individuals you worked closely with, and how long it took to record?
My album took almost 3 years to record and finish. I first did all the ruff sketches in my home studio. In that time I’ve got the honor to meet and record with John JR Robinson (drummer of Michael Jacksons “Off the Wall” and drummer of Rufus and Chaka Khan). I made contact with him trough the Internet and he was exited to record my tracks. He recorded drums and percussion for all nine songs on my album. This was really my hero so I had to have him on my first record!
I’ve worked with a co-producer called Lars Karakusevic who played some instruments on the tracks and helped me to find a good formula of top musicians in our network to record with. I also had the honor having Marcus Miller playing on one song on my album! I must say that he’s the only musician I didn’t met in person who played on the album. I hope I will meet him in the future!
My album is mixed by some of the best engineers of the world not for the money but for believing in my music. The mixing engineer is Ronald Prent (The Scorpions, Simple Minds, Live, Within Temptation, Peter Maffay, and Clouseau) and mastering is done by Darcy Proper (Billie Holiday, Louis Armstrong, Frank Sinatra, and Johnny Cash) and is the first studio album that is mixed and mastered at the New Wisseloord Studio’s in the Netherlands.
My songs on the album are a mirror of my life and are really autobiographical.

Q8. Can you tell me the concept behind the entire album? What were your conceptual goals when you set out to record “A Creation from the Soul?”
The concept behind my album is simply to get heard and to reach out for the world with my talent. If music is good people will notice I always say. I will invest the payments I earn from my album to make my next album and make people happy with my soul music! We all try to heal people our own ways. Music is my medicine.

Q9. Could you recommend to me a few songs from your album and tell me why you recommended those songs.
This is very difficult for me to do cause I have a special feeling with every song from the album. If I have to recommend I have to say “Destiny” cause of the high energy dancing groove and meaning of the song, “I need you” for accepting that we always need someone in our life’s and the tittle song “A Creation From The Soul” for the message that music can give you and gave me.

Q10. Do you know or listen to any Japanese artists?
I’ve listened to Mika Nakashima. I think she is amazing and has very great music. The mainstream media does not send out any Japanese music in the Netherlands so I’m not that familiar with Japanese music but I will after my experience with Sweet Soul Records!

Q11. How does it feel to have “A Creation From The Soul” released in Japan? And do you have a message for the Soul and R&B listeners of Japan who will listen to your music?
I’m so glad my years of hard work have given me an opportunity to release my music in Japan. This is like a dream come true to me!!! I hope you all will buy my music and give me an excuse to go to Japan so I can meet you all in person and perform for all of you! But most of all my music is to make people happy by getting pierced through their heart and give them that special feeling they need to charge their battery in this hard world. Let’s share love through music!!! Thanks for listening and I love you all!!!