Well, last weekend I survived another dance-filled Tokyo Soul Drive in JZ Brat (Shibuya) organized by DJ HiroKing and sponsored by DENON headphones. Starting around midnight and running till 5 a.m., there is no better way to spend your Tokyo Saturday morning if you’re into soul music and a bit of dancing.

Vol. 9 started out with the Japanese group Dayton Project whom I’d never seen live before. They got things started with their flashy outfits and covers from Zapp & Roger, stuff I hadn’t heard in years, and their own Roger-themed original music. Apparently the Dayton Project was formed back in 1999 as a tribute to Roger Troutman following his death. I personally feel they did a great job and like I mentioned, these young guys got things rolling. Would love to check them out again in the near future. Check out some of their music here:

Dayton Project / Thank you (Roger 10th Anniversary Mix) full version

Around 2 a.m. the songstress from Houston, Texas, Song who moves between the States, Paris, and Japan performing, got her show on the road. This young lady always pleases. Song has shown up in Japan more times than I can remember, with Vol. 9 being her third performance with Tokyo Soul Drive. I suspect that Song likes Japan a lot. She did a mix of songs including tracks from her album “Let Love Shine,” produced by the talented French Nu-Jazz musicians Tassel & Naturel, and some newer tracks also. With backing vocals from the talented Nao Yoshioka and Fasun, and the Japanese Sweet Soul musicians, Song soared and left the crowd in a daze. We’ve come to expect nothing else.
Website: http://www.aboutsong.net/

SongByrd Interview: Tokyo Soul Drive

Rayn, straight out of the Netherlands was next on the stage around the 3 a.m. mark. For Rayn, it’s his second time around in Japan and performing at Tokyo Soul Drive. “The music created from the depth within your soul” is how Rayn describes his debut album titled “A Creation From The Soul.” “Not only to bring the soul back but also to stand for the music he has grown up with. The funky baselines the bluesy sad songs the mid tempo soulful grooves and smooth vocals will blow you away and take you on a journey to the good old days.” So you can see where this man is coming from when he he’s up on the stage. For this performance, he sang songs from his current album and brought out some new music that hopefully we’ll be able to release in Japan soon. Needless to say, with his near over the top personality, Rayn put on a show with that personality on full display.
Website: http://www.raynmusic.com/

Rayn Interview: Tokyo Soul Drive

All in all, Tokyo Soul Drive was definitely a great effort on everyone’s part. It’s also great to see two international artist come in and really feel at home with some of Tokyo’s most talented independent soul music artists, and the the crowd who loves the music. I’m looking forward to the next Soul Drive, and peace out DJ HiroKing for making it happen.

Senior Manager