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This week we had the pleasure to interview Tristan who released their album “Full Power” with SWEET SOUL RECORDS on October 15th, 2014.

Please take a moment to hear a little about them. I hope that you enjoy their story.


Q1. Can you tell the Japanese readers a little about who you are and how the band Tristan came together?
The idea behind our band started as long as 10 years ago. Drummer Sebastiaan Cornelissen met up with bassist Frans and they had an immediate click. Even though they worked on a lot of other projects together, they always thought about starting a new band with vocals (they did a lot of jazz/fusion orientated music at the time).

It took quite some time to get the right people involved, but this really changed when they met with keyboardist Coen by accident on another session. This became the foundation of the group for the writing and producing part.

Again much later, after trying out a whole bunch of singers, we stumbled on Evelyn. Her voice, attitude and input lyrically, melodically proved to be the perfect combination for our work flow and live performances. Since then, we managed to complete 2 albums over a rather short period of time with plans for a 3rd one as I write this.

Q2. How do you describe your music to people?
We often get compared with bands like Incognito, Toto, Brand New Heavies and Tower of Power. We get influenced by a whole lot of different artists and music in general. I guess you could describe our music as soulful, energetic music with a jazzy approach. We have a specific touch though, so even though we might play an RnB or a more rocky track, you would still be able to identify us rather quick.

Q3. Can you tell us why you chose the name ‘Full Power’ for your album
and how the name came to exist?

Full power became the title track because the tune had a high energy level with a feel good kind of drive. We believe its the hard work we’ve put into it all that got us where we are now. We are on a roll and not about to pull the breaks anytime soon.

Q4. “Lightning hardly strikes the same place twice.” is one of the many interesting lyrics on the ‘Full Power’ album. Please explain on how you write the lyrics for your songs and where you get your inspiration from.
Sebastiaan and Evelyn write most lyrics and sometimes together. Often the subjects are taken from our own experiences in life although the actual storyline might turn out to be rather abstract. Some of the tracks are really about keeping up a positive energy in life and aiming high, focused on your goals without looking back.

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Q5. Do you know or listen to any Japanese artists?
For 2nd Phase, we did think about adding another guest soloist. We had been listening to Nao Yoshioka, a great singer and performer who happened to be visiting Holland at the time. She was very busy with her own new album and there simply wasn’t enough time. There are some wonderful musicians from Japan and the rest of the world should be more on the look-out for their music. Very inspiring!

Q6. You released the song ‘Finally Found’ featuring Heston, another SWEET SOUL RECORDS artist. How did you get together with Heston, and how do you feel about working with him?
Nothing but props for Heston. We met on a party we got invited to in London last year and started talking about what we were up to and had a nice conversation. He was instantly willing to help us get in touch with certain people, and when we heard him sing,…we simply had to get him on the album. Finally Found will for sure not be the last time we work together. There are already plans and dates lined up where he will be involved. We’ve also helped Heston with some of his new songs. Very nice music he wrote and we tracked the instrumentation. It’s been a real treat.

Tristan – Full Power

Q7. Your new album ‘2nd Phase’ has been released recently in March 2015. How is the reception so far?
It’s been a real blast so far. It seems to be a true next step for us, with great reviews from all over the world and gig offers we could only dream about last year. Nothing but good vibes really.

Q8. In closing would you like to send a message to your Japanese fans?
Keep spreading the word and don’t give up on us just yet, we are coming your way sooner than later and wish to return the favor and perform for you live!!
Thank you so much for the support.

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Interviewed by: Aaron Dulger