*English will follow

「世界から日本へ、日本から世界へ」をテーマに、これまでにインディペンデント・レーベルとして20ヵ国以上の海外アーティストの作品をリリース、日本のみならず世界のマーケットで挑戦を続けるアーティスト・Nao Yoshiokaのマネジメント、デジタルマーケティングをツールに輝くべきアーティストにスポットライトを当てることをミッションとする音楽デジタルマーケティングサービス・SSRDGMを展開するSWEET SOUL RECORDSが、新たにブッキング&ツアーマネージャーを募集します



ご応募はこちらから → https://www.lsinc.co.jp/recruit-lp


Over the years under the theme of “from the world to Japan, from Japan to the world,” SWEET SOUL RECORDS has released music by international artists from more than 20 countries and also manages the soul/R&B singer Nao Yoshioka, an artist who continues to challenge not only the Japanese market but also the global market.

SWEET SOUL has also recently expanded our business model to include SSRDGM, a music digital marketing service whose mission is to use digital marketing as a tool to shine a spotlight on deserving artists, and now we are currently looking for a Booking and Tour Manager.

We opened our creators’ studio, OPRCT, in 2019 and began inviting up-and-coming international artists to perform in Japan. However, in 2020, due to the pandemic, it became impossible to continue inviting artists to Japan, let alone hold live performances so we were forced to change directions. In 2021, we launched the popular playlist “ECLECTIK” and are increasing our contacts with artists beyond the boundaries of the label.

Now in 2022, with the resurgence of live performances in Europe and the US, and signs of a gradual return to daily life in Japan, we are looking for people who can work together to book and arrange live performances and events in order to re-establish meaningful connections with international artists.

In Japan, where Western music is becoming less and less popular, we will continue to push forward without giving up on the music and talented artists that keep the diversity of music alive.

If you enjoy working in a field related to live performances and have the utmost respect for teamwork, we are looking forward to hearing from you!


[Required Qualifications]

• Must love Soul, R&B, Jazz, or Hip Hop

• Someone physically fit

• Good command of everyday, conversational English

• Basic PC operation skills


[Additional Preferred Qualifications]

• Experience in live performance production and tour management

• Good English communication skills

• Familiar with sound and lighting equipment

• Drivers license holder


To submit resumes or make inquires, please email: info@sweetsoulrecords.com

Thank you and we are looking forward to hearing from you.