If you’ve spent any time around our website, then you’ll know that we have the opportunity to work with a number of talented soul artists, no matter if the music is R&B, soul, neo soul, funk, or jazz, and from all over the world including the US, UK, France, Germany, Canada, The Netherlands, and New Zealand. Since we launched the new web platform on November 15th, one of our main goals is to share more information on the artists we are working with. Sacha is one of those artists.

Sacha Vee, the soul songstress from Christchurch, New Zealand with Dutch-West Indian descent is currently in The Netherlands competing in the “The Voice of Holland,” a Dutch reality singing competition. Needless to say, she’s doing extremely well from all the information we have gathered from her and the TVOH website. From 10,000 contestants down to 24 and she is still hanging in there… Spectacular.

Her last appearance on the show was a “battle” style performance with both competitors singing the Lenny Kravitz song “It Ain’t Over Till It’s Over” on a stage slightly resembling a boxing ring. See the video here: Sacha vs. Lauren, The Voice of Holland

Besides participating in the show, Sacha is also living in Holland, and keeping herself busy performing in and around Amsterdam. Of course we’re pulling for her and hope that she’ll be able to build on this special moment in her life and career. Sacha, if you’re reading, just know that we think you are a very talented artist with a superb personality who deserves all the attention you’re receiving.

Good luck and hopefully someday you can bring that beautiful voice to Japan!

You can follow Sacha on her artist Facebook page:
Sacha Vee Music on Facebook

Other places you can hear Sacha’s music:
SWEET SOUL SoundCloud: Sacha Vee – Soul Music (Live)
SWEET SOUL YouTube: Sacha Vee – “Trouble”

Sacha Vee "Sacha Vee"

Sacha Vee "Sacha Vee" EP

Sacha’s Japan exclusive EP, “Sacha Vee,” with live bonus tracks is available at the Sweet Soul Shop:
SWEET SOUL Shop: Artist – Sacha Vee

Check her out!

Michael Harris
Senior Manager