‘The Light’, Nao Yoshioka’s Debut Album Officially Released in North America by Purpose Music Group and NIA Distribution

NYC – In May 2015, Purpose Music Group and NIA Distribution announced that the United States and Canada release of the debut album ‘The Light’ by the Japanese soul singer Nao Yoshioka would be rescheduled for July 17, 2015.

Purpose Music Group and NIA Distribution added, “Nao’s April 2015 promotional tour in New York was very successful highlighted by a sold out performance at the Lucille’s/BBKing’s Soul Factory event which gained her many new soul music fans. The excitement and word of mouth from that event is starting to spread and we feel to best take advantage of this for Nao is to continue to build the anticipation for her release and closer coordination between the two camps.

The first single ‘Make the Change’ has been gaining momentum on blog sites such as Soulbounce, Singersroom, Soultracks, Grown Folks Music and Soultrain in addition to college and internet radio. Influential Urban Adult Contemporary DC based WHUR-FM has also just started to play ‘Make the Change’.

The music video for ‘Make the Change’ premiered on popular lifestyle urban website The Couch Sessions on May 26.”

Purpose Music Group co-founder George Littlejohn says, “We are excited SWEET SOUL RECORDS in Japan chose to partner with us at Purpose Music Group and Nia Distribution to introduce the very talented Nao Yoshioka to the American soul market”.

Nao Yoshioka New York Release Party

Nao has been on the radar in Japan for a couple of years after releasing a break out song called “Make the Change” from her anticipated debut album ‘The Light’ which was released domestically on SWEET SOUL RECORDS.

‘The Light’ draws upon emotions and feel good energy to self-esteem and loving oneself, to strong messages of change and hope. Known as a progressive soul singer, Nao also pays homage to the masters and delves into the classics and Gospel while also dabbling in Rock and Funk.

Yoshioka tackles Etta James, Sam Cooke, and Nina Simone with sophistication, dedication and tremendous style. Her renditions are crisp and splendor capturing the era eerily. Hard to believe she’s a powerful young soulstress and still in her 20’s. There’s even a live recording tribute to Marvin Gaye.

‘The Light’ will take you back to Motown and a walk down memory lane to a distinct unique pattern that’s both fresh and inspiring.

Production, songwriting and guests include Shirma Rouse (The Netherlands), Brian Owens (US), ORLY (Australia), Sacha Vee (New Zealand), Dani Elliott (US), and Takuya Kuroda (Japan) the gifted Blue Note Records-signed Japanese trumpeter based in New York who plays a central role in the José James’ band. ‘The Light’ was recorded in three different countries, the U.S., Japan, and The Netherlands with artists from 5 different nations. This project is bound to receive a lot of recognition purely for the exchanges and crossing borders.

Nao is poised to be the first soul singer from Japan to create a splash in the U.S and put her distinct next generation soul on the map!

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