We are finding ourselves already mid-November so naturally it’s time to make adjustments in preparation for the coming year. At SWEET SOUL, our preparations began a couple of months ago as evidenced by our new “web platform.” Our previous website was one area we’ve known for a while needed some “adjustments” as we were not getting as much mileage out of it as we should have. With our new platform, we’ll be able to provide more exposure for the many talented Japanese and international artists that we are fortunate enough to work with. Other areas where we are making adjustments isn’t as apparent as the website, so I’m here to tell you what we’ve been up to and some of the things we’d like to achieve in the coming year.

If you happened around the “Concept” page, you would get a rundown on our take of the soul music scene here in Japan, and how we are beginning to focus attention on creating a culture where soul music plays a more active role in the Japanese society. Of course, our main goal will be to continue creating sweet soul music by collaborating with talented local soul singers and musicians, and to continue partnering with international soul artists to bring their music to Japan. We will also continue to promote soul music here in Japan in all its forms, and in all corners of the country.

Back on November 11th, I released a press release which announced that SWEET SOUL would be expanding sales, marketing, and promotions. The new web platform will play a central part in allowing us to focus on adding ramped up exposure for the artists, events, and other soul-related topics that we feel could help spread the word about soul music. Concerning the new platform, look for the amount of content to increase in the coming days, weeks, and months until it’s a steady stream of information for people who love soul music. With social networking integration, we’ll be looking to increase artist and fan interaction, direct promotions and campaigns. Of course, we will also increase the amount information we share through the social networks, partner blogging sites, radio stations, and print publications.

Our first campaign celebrating the release of the new site is a 30% off sale on all music in the SWEET SOUL Shop (www.sweetsoulshop.com) which will run for one month from November 15th, 2011. Drop by the shop page and check out the artist information and listen to the available music clips. I’m sure you’ll find something that you like.

I will continue looking for talented international artists looking to promote and sell their music in Japan. I have created a few more new channels that will allow me to find more artists, and look to increase the number of artists we sign to work with and promote their music here in Japan. We also plan to spend more time promoting and supporting the local Japanese soul artists, through web promotions, events and auditions, and by creating soul music networking groups.

The main goal here is to increase the soul music fan base, provide that fan base with real music, and create an atmosphere where they can enjoy the music, while encouraging others to spread the word. In return, you’ll see a heightened interest in soul music and what it has to offer, and that will be the foundation of a new scene here in Japan. More specifically, a new soul music scene, something that has been missing for a number of years.

Get onboard with the talented soul artists from around the world, and let’s see if we can’t spread a bit soul around Japan and the world.

Micheal Harris
Senior Manager at SWEET SOUL RECORDS