“SOUL OVER THE RACE VOL.2,” scheduled for release tomorrow, January 25, 2012, is the 3rd album in the “SOUL OVER THE RACE” series by Sweet Soul Records and select Japanese artists. The concept and message of the “SOUL OVER THE RACE” series is simply that soul music transcends all races and cultures.

“SOUL OVER THE RACE VOL.1,” has seen sales reach more than 5,000 copies worldwide, and also has received overwhelming support from top soul websites such as SoulTracks and Soulchoonz, and individuals such as Jocelyn Brown, and Phil Driver.

This release contains 12 tracks, including “I Wouldn’t Change a Thing” (Coke Escovedo), “I Wanna Be Where You Are” (Michael Jackson), “Funkin’ for Jamaica” (Tom Browne), “Changin’” (Sharon Ridely), “Thinking of You” (Chic), “Lucky Fellow” (Leroy Hutson), and others.

For Vol.2, Nobuo Miyamae, owner & DJ of the renown “Little Soul Café” in the hip Tokyo suburb of Shimokitazawa, was in charge of song selection while appearing musicians have played with top Japanese artists, and with international artists such as Stevie Wonder and John Legend.


01. I Believe in Miracles (03:54)‏
02. Don’t You Care (03:37)‏
03. I Can’t Let Him Down (04:45)‏
04. I Wouldn’t Change a Thing (03:48)‏
05. I Wanna Be Where You Are (03:55)‏
06. Funkin’ for Jamaica (05:17)‏
07. Bad Weather (04:05)‏
08. Changin’ (07:02)
09. Work It Out (04:53)‏
10. Thinking of You (04:00)‏
11. Lucky Fellow (04:48)
12. Harvest for the World (03:42)‏

Singers/Tracks:Emi Hinouchi (#1,5,11) Sayumi (#3,10,12) Kaori Sawada (#2,4,8) fasun (#6,7,9)

Kaori Sawada of lifesound Records who has recently released “Affectionately Yours,” her debut album, the talented Emi Hinouchi who has worked extensively with the popular J-hip hop group M-Flo, Sayumi, young and gifted, shares her talent for the first time on the world stage, and fasun, a veteran of the Tokyo soul music scene, are soul lights burning bright.


Release date: January 25, 2012
Price: ¥2,625

The album is available for pre-order on the SWEET SOUL SHOP website (Japanese) or on the SWEET SOUL RECORDS website (English)