The Official Music Video for Teri Tobin – lead single “Free” from her debut album “Love Infinity”, Directed by Barton Robison

Teri Tobinのオフィシャルミュージックビデオをチェックしただろうか。彼女のデビューシングルLove InfinityからのリードシングルFreeはSSRスタッフも絶賛するR&Bファンにはたまらない新世代の時代に残る名曲だ。今日はYOUTUBEでも公開されているFreeのリリックをサイトでも公開。

FREE Lyrics:


Do you remember back in the day

when life used to be so free

never worried about going outside to play hide and seek

how my, things just ain’t the same

go to the market with a little change

now even milk is cheaper than gasoline



Donny used to say we’re all gonna be, all be free


What does it mean to be free


Do you remember fighting in the street

in absence of peace and losing our way

oh, yeah that was yesterday

tell me when will it change

this world must rearrange and stop

to think about our babies



(celebrate our freedom)

we have freedom

(elevate our future)

but we got so much further to go

(celebrate, where we’ve come, let it resonate)


(we have got much further left to go )


Teri Tobin, Lew Laing ©2011