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NYと東京を拠点に世界のシーンで活動するソウルシンガーNao Yoshioka。
2023年7月1日にイギリス(ロンドン)のThe Jazz Cafeでのヘッドライン・ショーが決定!


2017年にMamas GunのゲストとしてThe Jazz Cafeでの出演を果たしたNao Yoshiokaは、その後もイギリス、ヨーロッパでの精力的な活動を続けてきた。

2018年にはUK Bright Star AwardでBest International Artistを受賞。これから世界での活動を本格化というタイミングでパンデミックになり、日本への帰国を余儀なくされた。

デビュー10周年を迎え再起を誓った2022年、シングル「Tokyo 2020」「Wave」をリリースすると、UK SOUL CHART TOP 30へのランクインをはじめ、BBC Radio ManchesterやJazz FMなどイギリスの数多くのラジオ局でも取り上げられ話題となり、ロンドンのPizzaExpress Jazz Clubで行われた公演ではソールドアウトを記録した。

こうした長期に渡る活動と挑戦が実を結び、2023年7月、D’Angelo、Erykah Badu、Amy Winehouse、Ledisiなど、多くのレジェンドがライブをしてきた伝統と格式高いベニューであるThe Jazz Cafeでのヘッドライン・ショーが実現。




Soul Singer Nao Yoshioka, Based Between New York and Tokyo, Continues to be Active on the World Scene
Now she is set to headline Jazz Cafe London on July 1, 2023!

After performing at the Jazz Cafe as a guest for Mamas Gun in 2017, Nao Yoshioka has continued to perform energetically in the UK and Europe.
In 2018, she won the UK Bright Star Award for Best International Artist, and just as she was about to start activities around the world in earnest, she was forced to return to Japan due to the pandemic.
In 2022, after celebrating her 10th anniversary and vowing to make a comeback, Nao released the singles ‘Tokyo 2020’ and ‘Wave’, which were featured in the UK Soul Chart Top 30 and on numerous radio stations such as BBC Radio Manchester and Jazz FM, and became a hot topic of conversation. In late 2022, Nao and her UK band played a sold-out show at the PizzaExpress Jazz Club (Soho) in London.
These long-term efforts and challenges will pay off in July 2023 with a headlining show at the Jazz Cafe, a traditional and prestigious venue where legends such as D’Angelo, Erykah Badu, Amy Winehouse, Ledisi, and many others have performed.
Be sure to catch this performance, which will be one of the highlights of her career as an artist.


The Jazz Cafe Presents Nao Yoshioka


[DATE] Saturday 1st July
[DOORS] 19:00-22:30
Standing: £15
Restaurant: £20 – £25